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Detail of the magnetic coupling of a bottom-entry agitator Detail of magnetic agitator Lower magnetic agitator Impeller for magnetic agitator Impeller for magnetic agitator Lower magnetic agitator for pharmacy Detail of a bottom-entry magnetic agitator

Magnetic agitators

Top-mounted magnetic agitators

They are suitable to guarantee the absence of leaks especially for high pressures.

Typical applications are:

  • Hydrogenation (pressures up to 100 bar).
  • Hypercritical extraction (pressures up to 350 bar).

Particularity: The shaft bearings may be isolated from the product or may be inside the product area. In the latter case, the design of the bearings (typically dry running) is especially important. Independent bearings do not have limitations.

Bottom-entry magnetic agitators

Particularly suitable for sterile equipment or GMP.

Especially easy to clean and without inaccessible corners. Typical applications are:

  • Agitators for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Agitators for the food industry

Particularity: The bearings are in the product area and are lubricated by the product itself. They are built in SiC / SiC (GMP) for practically no wear.

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