Agitators designed to achieve the perfect mixture adapted to each process. For a wide range of sectors: chemical, pharmacy, cosmetics, waste water, biofuels, paintings, food, etc. 

Agitators for the chemical and fine chemical industry. Agitators for reactors, hydrogenators, fermenters, crystallizers, monomers, polymers,…

Agitators for cleanrooms. For the production of pharmaceutical products, syrups, for maintaining solutions in suspensión, etc.  

Counterrotating agitators to perform operations of mixing, homogenisation, dispersion, emulsion and heat transfer in a single equipment. For creams, foams, gels, pomades, hair-setting products, etc. 

Nutsche Filters for the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry. They allow performing in a single equipment process tasks like filtration, washing and drying, which reduces operation time and increases the quality of the our manufacturing range.  

Solid mixers for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. 

  • Mixing technolgy

  • Agitators for the chemical industry

  • Agitators for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Counterrotating agitators

  • Nutsche Filters

  • Solid mixers


LINK INDUSTRIAL is focused on the design, manufacture and sales of machinery for the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, biofuel industry, food industry, waste water and sludge treatment, etc..., especially on the manufacture of agitators, micronizers, Nutsche filters, solid mixers and wiped film evaporators.

More than 40 years of experience can advise on the optimal solution from the technical and economic point of view for each application. In this way we get a unique equipment which is absolutely tailored to the process and working conditions.

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