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Nutsche filter-dryer

The nutsche filter-dryer beside the filtering effect also incorporates a drying function.  The heated parts can be:

  • Vessel wall
  • Filter plate
  • Impeller

The equipment that can work under pressure and vacuum has a filter plate, which allows the correct filtering of the product using the pressure difference between top and bottom.

The filter normally is equipped with an agitation element, which can rotate in both directions and whose stirring organ can be raised and lowered by means of a hydraulic system.


Charging and filtration

Filtration and smoothing



For feeding the suspension, the agitator blades are placed in the top position. Once the product is inside the Nutsche filter the filtering process starts.  This requires a pressure difference between the top and the bottom part of the filter, which can be realized by application of either pressure of vauum or a combination of both. Filtration depends strongly on the product characteristics. Small scale tests are recommended to evaluate the adequate filter type. After pre-filtration the cake is smoothened to avoid or close cracks. This step is carried out by agitating and lowering the blades onto the cake surface. Simultaneously the cake is slightly pressed uniformly to reduce some of the residual moisture. Re-slurry washing? Opening the discharge valve the product is automatically emptied by turning and lowering the impeller. Discharge flow rate can be varied with the impeller speed. If required by the product, the discharge can be carried out in an inert atmosphere. The next step is the drying of the cake. To carry out this step, a vacuum is created in the top of the vessel and heat is supplied through the heated walls of the vessel, as well as through the blades and the filter plate, if heated. The agitator turns in the opposite direction to improve heat transmission and thus facilitates the evaporation of the solvent.
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