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Heated impeller of Nutsche filter-dryer Detail of side discharge valve Detail of heated impeller of Nutsche filter-dryer Detail of Nutsche filter-dryer Nutsche filters drive head Nutsche filter hydraulic system Detail of filter plate Hydraulic systems control panel Detail of dryer impeller for Nutsche filter Heated impeller of Nutsche filter-dryer Impeller for Nutsche dryer filter Heated impeller Nutsche filter Detail of drive head Nutsche filter Side discharge valve Detail of side discharge valve Side discharge valve Heated impeller of Nutsche filter-dryer Nutsche filter Special impeller for Nutsche filter Nutsche filter


The Nutsche Filters are designed for filtering applications mainly in the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

The possibility to agitate the product (here the cake), facilitates the realization of intermediate washing steps. Depending on the process the valuable product may be the solid or the filtered liquid.

These filters can work in both continuous and batch mode. Working in continous operation they can be fed with a pump that gives the necessary pressure for the filter. Residual pressure can eventually be used for pumping the liquid and other parts of the process. It is possible to work in batch and pressurize with air or nitrogen or an equivalent fluid.

As the filter base typically is fixed to the Nutsche filter with a bayonet-type lock mechanism, it is very easy to open the filter after each individual batch or product changeover, thus leaving the minimum of residual product and facilitating cleaning the filter and the filter cloth.

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