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Dispersing and micronizng can be considered a sub-process of agitation.

Many end products in the industry (cosmetics, aromas ...) are dispersions. Agitation is an extremely important step in order to obtain these dispersions.

To maintain stable emulsions, it is essential that the particle size is between 0.1 and 1microns, which is achieved with an extremely intense agitation level. The higher the local provision of energy transmitted by the agitator, the smaller the size of the particle.

LINK INDUSTRIAL manufactures a wide range of equipment for obtaining dispersions and has extensive experience in different viscosities according to each application:

Rotor-stator systems with high agitation speeds allow obtaining extremely high velocity gradients. It is frequent that other liquids or solids have to be incorporated in the process. In this case an additional superior impeller is installed. The design of the impellers is adapted according to the requirements of each application.

Because of the high speed required for elevated shear rates the volume flow rate is low. To achieve a correct agitation throughout the reactor it is recommended combining a fast agitator with a slow one with a high flow rate. LINK applies several solutions:

  • Combining the high shear agitator with one or more agitators with elevated flow rate in the same reactor.
  • Combining a reactor with one or more agitators with elevated flow rate with an external disperser in continuous operation, which can realize the recirculation of the entire reactor content.

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