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Interior de rotor para concentrador Short Path Detalle rotor concentrador tipo Short Path Detalle rotor concentrador tipo Short Path Concentrador Short Path

Short Path

The short path evaporator operates very similar to the thin film evaporator with the difference that the condenser is located inside the equipment. Thus the pressure loss is reduced considerably and high vacuum down to 0.001 mbar can be achieved.

Due to the high operating vacuum special care must be taken of the leak tightness of the whole system. The design of the entire installation must guarantee a minimum of air intrusion.

LINK INDUSTRIAL has special versions with pumps, valves and pipes heated in the case of high viscosity or melting points above room temperature.


  • Obtaining Vitamin E / Tocopherol , Omega-3 fatty acid, Squalene of vegetable or animal origin, Sterols, ...
  • Purification of Monoglycerides and Diglycerides
  • Distillation of dimer fatty acids
  • Purification of essences
  • Treatment of waste oil
  • Obtaining lactic acid
  • Concentration of active substances of pharmaceutical products
  • Separation of monomers and polymers
  • Elimination of solvent of monomers and polymers
  • Stripping of solvent in resins
  • Fractionation of waxes

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