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Rotor for conical Adaptive Thin Film Conical Adaptive Thin Film Conical Adaptive Thin Film Conical

Adaptive Thin Film (Conical)

Evaporator-dryer similar to the thin film but constructed in horizontal arrangement. The main body is truncated cone-shaped and the rotor is adjusted to the concial heating section so that the distance to the heated surface can be varied. Thus both the thickness of the film and the residence time of the product can be controlled. The residence times are higher than in the classical thin film which is an advantage in certain applications.

It is used as evaporator-dryer achieving more concentrated products than in the classic thin film. It can also be utilized in reaction+evaporation applications.

An advantage over the vertical thin film is its use in systems with limited height.


  • Drying of Lecithin
  • Evaporation of monomers and / or polymers
  • Drying of pharmaceutical products

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