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Pharmaceutical Industry

LINK INDUSTRIAL manufactures GMP equipment designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. Mechanisms have been designed and implemented to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Pharmacy sector during the manufacture of our equipment by the best procedures associated with our processes.

LINK INDUSTRIAL manufactures equipment for the homogenization of syrups and solutions, complete equipment for the production of creams and ointments (tri-agitators, planetary mixers, micronizers), reactors for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Agitators with gas seals or magnetic couplings specially designed for completely sterile processes.

C/ Alt, 25
Polígono Industrial Ca n'Alzamora
08191 Rubí ( Barcelona)
Tel. +34 935 862 300
Fax. +34 935 862 301
eMail info@linkindustrial.es